Siri For Android: 6 Best Assistance Apps For Android 2018

SIRI, which is usually pronounced as See-ri, it was firstly introduced by Microsoft in different models of Apple iPhones. It is a built-in intelligent assistant, which helps to recognize your voice understands and interprets the commands that you are giving to your phone through speaking, and the software understands the instructions given to the phone and performs the tasks accordingly.

It acts as help manual software, through which operations and working of the phones have become easier as you just have to command your device by speaking and the functions will be performed. You can also download vShare.

What Makes Siri Great?

The main question that arises in our mind is how Siri actually works? Since it operates differently for different users, and everyone has their own pitch and frequencies of voices, how does it interprets and understand every types of voices?

Siri for Android
Siri for Android

The answer to this query is, when a user gives certain commands to his phone by speaking, the software of Siri takes these commands and converts it into different codes, these codes are then formed into algorithms. These algorithms are then analyzed out of thousands of words and sentences that are already stored in the software data to interpret the possible set of phrases, keywords and particular pattern, from there it properly analyzes the words that have been spoken out by the user, and understands the sentence clearly. Also check out, some of the funny things to ask Siri.

Answers are given on the bases of what question has been asked, if a person is asking for navigation, it provides you complete directions through a built-in map in the device, and will also tell you about the nearby restaurants and hotels. In fact, the software may even reply to your text messages that you speak to the device. The software was introduced initially in the Apple iPhone 4s and the later versions of iPhones, iPods and iPads. But now, It has also been introduced for the android users, but different companies have named Siri for android differently which we will be discussing briefly in this article.

Siri For Android: 6 Best Alternatives For Android 2018


Google Now is a modified version of Siri for android users, it is initiated by Google, and the company has named it ‘Google Now’. It is software that is mainly used by the android operating systems. It has been introduced in the recent versions of mobile phones, tablets etc. in built-in forms, but if you have an older version of android, you may still access to it if you have Google play store in your sets.

Google Assistance
Google Assistance

You just have to simply turn-on the Google now option and need to update your phone. It makes the life of a user easier, since you only have to speak to your device and the instructions will be followed and tasks will be done. This software also keeps updating itself, if the company is updating the software, it will have the additional features which will make it more stable and modified.


Cortana is also a modified version of Siri for android, which is developed by Microsoft. Apart from having the basic features, the users have responded regarding the modifications and convenience that must be brought into the software. It still has been used for many purposes like it can make calls, navigates your way, send and receive emails, take notes, keep a track of different packages etc. You can also get VPN apps like Psiphon apk for Android, if you need to protect your privacy.

  1. GENIE

Genie is also one of the great alternatives for Siri for android users. It is really effective voice assistant software which helps you making different functions from your device via speaking. Among all the other features, that every other Siri software is providing you, this option is considered as the best for setting up alarms in your phone.


For instance, if you want to set up an alarm for 5 am in your phone, you just have to speak it up like ‘wake me up at 5 o’clock in the morning’ and the task will be done. This app also comes in paid form, and you have to pay 3$ to install the upgraded version in your phones, since the regular versions doesn’t contain all the features in it.


Among the apps that you might use as an alternative for Siri, Indigo has proved to be a great choice for users all across the world. Since the app provides you the option of translating different languages as well. but this will happen only if you have the native and common accent of that area. It will also provide you the option for controlling music and setting up the songs of your choice, by taking up your commands when you are working out.

  1. ANDY

This app provides you with all the basic features like any of the voice assistant apps doo, but along with that it has been proved to be very helpful for the students particularly. It will enable the device to read your messages, take instructions regarding your homework, provide answers for mathematical problems and also gives you detailed answers regarding different queries of various subjects like science, sociology, English etc. that is the reason that people all over the world are considering to install this app greatly, as compared to others.

  1. AIVC (Alice)

AIVC is an application which is not much different than others. It provides you all the basic features that any of the Siri-like apps do. It can follow your instructions and performs different tasks like sending emails and sms, guides you via navigating your paths, tell you about the nearby restaurants and any of the new packages that are offered and also the simple and basic calculations can be done by this app.

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Other recommendations,

Before selecting, any of the above mentioned applications to install in your devices, you must consider your needs and requirements, and the tasks you want to be get done through your phones. And then select the appropriate application accordingly. You may also install multiple applications at the same time if you are not getting all of your desired features in a single app.

The future of these voice assistant devices seems to be expanding more with time, and they will completely overtake the place of tapping on your screens, to speaking in your phones.