Siri Tips & Tricks You Should Know 2018

Siri assistant can make your life simply better. For those who don’t know about Siri or newbie iPhone users then here a short introduction about Siri.

Siri is an advanced assistance that residue on your iPhones. Siri is an automatic and quickly responds what you say to her. Siri has a human-like voice talk back technology. It is automatically built in all iPhones, so you don’t have to download separately. Just you need to do set up according to your requirements just like language and location setup and you are all ready to enjoy the wonderful assistance of Siri.

Some Best Siri Tips & Tricks You Should Give a Shot!

How do I use Siri Assistance?

Sir is automatically built in your iPhones, you just need to activate to start up things. For activating Siri, you need to press your home button for few seconds. As you do your phone or iPad will beep at you and your screen will change to the Siri assistant interface. You will the bottom of this Siri interface has multicolored lines that are indicating that Siri is listening to you, and you are all set to command her to get started.

Siri is a major part of iPhones and iPads. Many people aren’t aware what Siri can do. In today’s article, we will tell you the hidden features of Siri as well as tip and tricks that will help you to make your everyday life activity easy with Siri. Check out, Siri For Android, if you are Android user.

  • Hey Siri, for hands-free access:

You can use hands-free access by setting your Siri to turn activated by saying hey Siri. This feature has been recently shown on iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s plus. By just saying hey Siri you can activate Siri assistance without the need to relate to the power supply for this to work.

For activating hey Siri for hands-free access you need to tap into your settings then tap to Siri, put hey Siri and on then last follow the setup procedure.

If you have an older set of iPhones still you can use this feature, but you need to plug your phone into the power supply.

  • Translate with Siri:

Siri is known for the best translator; with the help of Siri you can translate many of the phrases of different language so that you can impress anyone in no time. Just ask Siri “how do is translate a phrase in French”. you can translate from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin.

  • Find photos with the help of Siri:

Yes, Siri can help you out to find photos by using time and date. For this just say Siri show me photos of last week. Or you can say photos of last year or of any time you want. Also, you can find your photos by saying specific location or city and you will find that one.

  • You can make your Siri from she into he:

Yes, you can change the gender of your Siri if you are tired of female’s voice you can change to man’s voice. Not only this you can change the accent of Siri to Australian or set to a British accent. For this simple sneak into your settings and go to Siri and tap to change Siri voice and gender or accent.

  • You can pronounce your name:

Siri is efficient enough to pronounce your name if you have a common name like, mike, Ashley, Susan but if you have a different and unique name which Siri does not know and is mangling your name, so you can correct Siri by saying “Siri that’s not how you pronounce my name”.

  • You can find airplanes flying overhead:

This feature of Siri is actually very useful. You don’t need to open many websites just ask Siri and she will help you out in no time. She has the ability to tell you what airplanes are in your area right now. Also, you can figure out where the plane is going and where it will depart.

  • Have your Siri to read and play voice messages:

Do you know how much it is dangerous to use your phone while driving? But you must have to read and listen to an important voice message for this purpose Siri can help you out. Just command her like “read my recent message or email” or “play my recent voicemail” and she will read it out loud and will also give you the option to dictate to reply or ignore the message.

  • You can do restaurant reservation:

If you forgot about any of your important event and in last moment you want to set up, but you don’t have time to go a restaurant for a reservation. You can do it all with Siri, she can help you out as she can tap Yelp or open table and will tell you about the top-rated restaurants and will tell you about reservation information. And you can also command her if you want to make a reservation of a Chinese, or French restaurant. Just say like this “Siri makes a reservation for French restaurant tonight at 8 pm” and she will tell you the availability of a restaurant.

These are just few tip and tricks and features of Siri these are much more other features that Siri can do it for you, from calculating, setting up an alarm to marking a reservation of a restaurants or flight booking Siri assistance is best and simply make your daily basis work easier. Just command her and you are ready to enjoy the Siri.

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