Siri vs Google Assistant vs Alexa

Siri vs Google Assistant vs Alexa: Which one is Best?

As it is clearly known to everybody, that Siri has been playing its role very effectively in providing voice services to its users since years now, but, here we have to compare the Siri voice assistant, to the other software as well like we are doing a comparison in this article between Siri voice assistant Vs Google voice assistant and also the voice assistant for Alexa offered by amazon.

Siri vs Google Assistant vs Alexa
Siri vs Google Assistant vs Alexa

By the end of this article, you will have a detailed knowledge regarding the positives and negatives of each one of these software and in which departments they require improvisation among them.

Apple Siri vs Google Assistant vs Alexa Comparison 2018

  • Recognition of different voices:

The major drawback that Siri has, in contrast with the other two softwares, it has a bad recognition sense for voices. It can differentiate between different voices and sometimes rejects other’s voice just because it could not resemble the voice as usually provided by a single user, while Google assistant and Alexa have better features and characteristics for recognizing one’s voice. You can also check out Apple Siri for Android phone.

Even though the device belongs to a single user, but the whole family may use it any time. These software always follow the instructions and work effectively even under different users. Google smart speakers and Amazon have different voice training capabilities, through which different voices can be recognized.

  • General knowledge:

If we talk about the performance of all these software, in terms of providing thorough and detailed knowledge regarding any of our queries, the best solution for is undoubtedly Google Assistant. This service provides most of the answers to your questions, and provides a detailed knowledge about your subject. Google assistant provides most of the correct answers and it also gives you the citation of the source of information, and explains whether it has been taken from a web page or journal article etc. The main purpose of this might be the support of Google search bar which helps Google assistant to search detailed knowledge of the required keywords.

Sirii has found to be the worst in searching general knowledge about any topic. As it gives you only the brief results and sometimes even these results are not correct.

  • Music:

When a user desires to listen to music, and change tracks without closing any of the window that he has been working on, he may simply ask these voice assistant software to play their desired music or songs. For this purpose, Google assistant and Alexa have been found to work effectively as they have a wide range and records of playlists and songs in their storage., while Siri is not very efficient in this department.

But only, if you subscribe for the paid version of Siri, then it will provide with you with the detailed playlists and records of songs.

  • Entertainment:

A great advantage of these virtual assistants is that you may connect your entertainment equipment like TV, LCDs, and LEDs etc. with it, and it will help you to control and regulate your devices through these apps. The integration can be done of devices like Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Edition, through which you can perform numerous activities through your TV like controlling apps, playing games, listening music, watching movies etc.

  • Online shopping:

If you want to do online shopping, via using these software, Alexa has found to be the best among all three, since the application is affiliated with amazon, that is the reason it has a huge collection of selling stuff, which you may order easily by just ordering via speaking to your device. Whereas, the other two applications, did not proved to be as good as Alexa, and they provide you with few choices for your desired product..

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  • Communications:

Communication is the major factor that every user wants to seek in his device, a person must be able to communicate easily without any hassle to his friends and colleagues or any other. All three of these applications now facilitate you with the option of calling merely by speaking the words only. Like if you wish to call someone you just have to say ‘Please make a call to Mr. Smith’ and the app will search for Mr. Smith and dial his number. You may also send voice messages to other person, or just simply speak up your message in your device, and the apps will type that for you. among all of these three applications, Siri stands out for calling and texting purposes, since you may send the texts by speaking and also your received texts will be read by the device itself.

  • Navigation:

The apps also facilitates you by guiding you through your paths, and it will navigate you throughout your journey where you are heading and what turns you should take to reach your desired destination. For navigating purpose, Siri has proved to be the best among all three of them, since it navigates you with all the directions properly and guides you perfectly, along with the time limit to reach your destination point, traffic conditions and what will be the best route to follow which will lead you to your estimation in less time, whereas, Google assistant, and Alexa didn’t work as effectively as Siri did for navigation purposes.

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Conclusive report:

The results we have concluded by reviewing different users and their experiences, we have come to a conclusion that each of these applications has their own benefits and lacking. Since each one of them is better than the other two with different aspects, it is totally up to the user, what type of software or application he will choose depending upon the tasks he wants to be performed by his device.

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